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You got your own style or design? No problem! Customization is welcome. We are pleasure to do some product as special need...>>  When got your decision and authorization, we offer a first draft or solution,production of Samples after consensus, Delivery samples,  Will be mass production after confirm.

joystick knob balltops custom

ball top led glow ei custom

LED ball top
E.I. glow knob
Joystick knob ball
35mm, 38 mm ball top
M6 brass gloss, no seam apparent, durable and shine.   
resin polish ball, plastic, alloy, wood ball..
custom joystick balltops knobs
translucent balltop knob
transparent clear color balltop

Translucent and transparent color ball .
any size diameter color will can be made as requested.
use for  the pop door knob.

Customized Tee marker.
1. its will no seam apparent . 2. it will be durable, won’t split or crack. 3. we work open to product development customize, such to made balls with neck or else profile, Frosted or polished shining, made balls with solid ball or hollow ball, metallic or stainless steel spike, ball diameter with any size, any length spike, ball color follow PANTONE, and shine or frosted. also
imprint image, icon, and logo.

Resin ball have flower inside.
we can insert some dry flower into the clear poly resin, i.e the rotundity square Or other shapes as sample, also some kind of fresh flowers available to seal inside yet.

work as door knob.

LED Glow ball set

Contactless Wireless Charge system
 we ope
n for customize and product development.. touch me for details..
 billiard golf or knob bead

Vintage Clackers Rope Clacker Balls Clackers Kerbangers Klik Klaks Click Clacks popper knockers.
Non-Shattering Polymer Clackers.
Original Vintage Clackers Popper Knockers From 1970 Toy Balls

Fun Remembering Clackers, Vintage Clackers

2 hard plastic resin balls attached to string. Balls measure 1 3/4 inches, 1.65" 1.75". any assorted colors. Sold by each  pair set.. logo imprint.
Non-Shattering Polymer

Very smooth  without seams

Customized Advertising Gifts silk-screen, Cool Transfer Printing, hot imprint, photo, image, icon ... It s meet  your requesters of any idea  with your product

Customized Advertising Gifts, promotional gifts,  laser engraving  the slogan photo image icon ..

Customized Advertising Gifts, promotional gifts, billiard art as slogan, photo, image, icon ..of Guinness transparent pool ball.

Customized Advertising Gifts  promotional gifts, of Guinness of silk-screen, Cool Transfer Printing, hot imprint, photo, image, icon ..

We can offer the special service as hot imprint image, icon, and logo for billiard ball.

Customized Advertising Gifts  promotional gifts, of Ford of silk-screen, Cool Transfer Printing, hot imprint, photo, image, icon ..

Customized Product Development billiard ball with any style color as requesters,

Product Development billiard ball style checkers as requesters,

We offer the safe high quality of food-grade or medicine grade Silicon Key Cap. Also the icon prints is plumbum  free heavy metal, capuchon en silicone clés, llave de tubo de silicona, Силиконови ключови капса, silicium zeer belangrijk GLB, silicio cappuccio chiave, pii avain korkki, cap key Silicon, غطاء سيليكون الرئيسية, silicium nøgle cap, кремния ключ крышка, křemíku klíč čepice, kísill inni hettu, Silizium Tastenkappe, capuchon en silicone clés, silikon kle bouchon, silicium toetsaanduiding, křemíku klíč čepice, kisel nyckel mössa

key cap pfizer logo

Product Development billiard  9 ball POP looking watch as requesters,

Click for more photo

More of the customized items, please contact us

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